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Yes, I'm guilty of this, you should know this.
Yuletide 2016 
6th-Oct-2016 11:41 pm
Dear Yuletide Writer:

Hi there, I’m so excited to match with you. My Ao3 username is hauntedd and I’ve participated in Yuletide for several years now and also am one half of the Misses Clause Challenge. I think what I enjoy the most about Yuletide is probably the variety of prompts and fic that comes out of it and I’m sure that whatever you come up with will only further my enjoyment of the exchange.

Here’s a short list of my wants and DNWs:

• Second Person POV (I’m also not too keen on First Person, but it depends on the situation. Second Person is a deal breaker).
• Non-Canon-Based AUs (so the coffee shops, the book stores, the high school/college AUs etc.)
• PWP – Totally fine with smut as part of the story, but I tend to gravitate toward plot more than anything else.
* Fluff – sorry, total angst fiend.
* Incest - Not my bag.
* G!P, Futanari, and/or A/B/O.
* Infidelity – I have a really big issue with infidelity when it’s not canonical. So, if, for example, we matched on Pitch, I would be devastated if the fic featured a relationship with Blip and Ginny or Ginny and Evelyn as Blip is happily married to Evelyn. But if we matched on Amy/Faith from UnREAL, talking about the webseries events would be totally fine and appropriate.
* Issue-Fic ***unless otherwise specified in my requests.
• Crossovers
* Watersports/Scat

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to what I like!

• Three dimensional & complicated female characters. I'm basically all about women in my fic preferences.
• Moral ambiguity that’s explored and fleshed out. Making the tough choices. The idea that no one is good or evil, and that everyone is the hero of their own story.
• Complicated and messy familial, friend, or sexual relationships. A & B forced to work together despite hating each other/A burning B in the past = win.
• Power dynamics & how people navigate them.
• Angst
* Dark!Fic – I really love when you see the darker and grittier side of the characters in fic
• AUs that veer off of canon – I love that stuff. Like what if X had happened instead of Y. LOVE.
• Character growth & understanding characters’ motivations/backstory. I adore this when it’s done well.
* Third person POV
* Female relationships and female friendships. Absolutely paramount to me.


1. Pitch (TV): Ginny Baker, Amelia Slater

Okay, so, I ship this. There's something in the way that Amelia quits her damn job for Ginny and then devotes all of herself to her in a way that Ginny doesn't truly appreciate or understand that just seems to scream femslash to me. And the little comment from Ginny to Amelia about how she and Lawson had "met" sounded a wee bit jealous, I'm just saying.

If that's not your thing, or you can't see it, anything focused on the relationship between Ginny and Amelia would be awesome -- how they navigate the worlds they live in as women working in male-dominated fields, the ways that Amelia is there for Ginny, how Ginny can be there for Amelia.

SUPER LATE ADDITION: If you want to write me Ginny/Cara I'd be all over it. ALL OVER IT.

Things I do not want: Ginny/Lawson. Ginny/Blip. If you don't ship/can't ship Amelia/Ginny, I would be fine with Amelia/Lawson and Ginny/Trevor in the background. But I want the fic to be focused on the relationship between Amelia and Ginny.

2. A League of Their Own: Doris Murphy, Mae Mordabito, Kit Keller

Ideally, I would want you to weave in all three of my requested characters, but I realize that they prompts I’ve given are sort of incongruous to that happening, so if it doesn’t work out, I can consider this an “or” request so long as it's either Mae and Doris or Kit. I requested this mainly because I had read an article regarding a player in the actual AAGPBL (Josephine D'Angelo) who had been kicked out of the league because she was gay. And I would like to see a fic that explores what kind of things either Doris & Mae, or Kit might have to go through because they're gay.

Kit Keller has been one of my fave characters since I was a young kid and saw this movie for the first time. The scrappy way that she fights for what she wants, and her place in the world, still sticks with me to this day. That she was a tomboy and a little crass compared to her perfect sister. I love it. I also head canon her as gay, despite that random dude at the end, so, there's that. So maybe a coming of age story with Kit as she grows into herself and realizes that she's into women. What does her family, especially Dottie, think? Hmm?

And Doris & Mae are amazing. Their friendship is just impressive and the thought that it could be more? Yes, absolutely. The way that Doris is almost obsessively protective of Mae and yet gives into her antics. That Mae owns her own sexuality, but also doesn't want to go back to dancing at the bar. Maybe it's all a front, a dance they do so well, in an effort to hide their true feelings and love for one another? Who knows, maybe they get off on it?

3. UnREAL: Faith Duluth, Amy Georges

Okay, not going to lie, Faith and Amy were probably my favorite part of season 1 of UnREAL. The conflict that Amy had with her family and her love for Amy. Amy being unwittingly thrust into the spotlight.

I would love fic that explores their relationship after the show. I know we got snippets of this in the web series lifetime did about them, but I want more. If you haven't seen the web series, that's totally fine, but I would like them together and potentially coping with life after the reality show experience. If you’ve seen the webseries, I’d also like a fuller exploration of the angsty fall-out of Amy cheating on Faith and what that means for them and how/if they can move past that or not in the longer term. Just, tell me what happens to them, please.

So again, thank you in advance for what you’ll come up with. I hope these prompts are helpful to you and inspire you. We both matched because we have a shared love of the characters I requested so I’m sure what you come up with will be amazing.


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