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Yuletide 2k15 
25th-Oct-2015 11:11 pm
Dear Writer:

Another year, another yuletide. I'm going to keep this sort of short and sweet (or try to, anyway). But first, yay, we're matched and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

For the DNWs and Likes...

• Second Person POV (I’m also not too keen on First Person, but it depends on the situation. Second Person is a deal breaker).
• Non-Canon-Based AUs (so the coffee shops, the book stores, the high school/college AUs etc.)
• PWP and/or Fluff (totally fine with either as part of a story, but I don’t want either as a standalone. Like happy ending after a struggle to get there? Awesome.)
* Incest - Not my bag.
* Infidelity – I have a really big issue with infidelity that’s developed over the last few years, so I’d rather you stay away from it* (***other than for HTGAWM, which, HAVE AT IT, friend). If you really feel the need to go that route, I am fine with it in certain situations, but not in others—so, yeah, run it by the mods, I guess?
• Crossovers – I am so specific in my media that I *probably* haven’t seen what you’re crossing. For example, I went to SDCC one year and was officially recognized by staff working an event as “the one person here who hasn’t seen the Avengers.”
* Watersports, etc.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to what I like!

• Three dimensional & complicated female characters. I'm basically all about women in my fic preferences.
• Moral ambiguity that’s explored and fleshed out. Making the tough choices. The idea that no one is good or evil, and that everyone is the hero of their own story.
• Complicated and messy familial, friend, or sexual relationships. A & B forced to work together despite hating each other/A burning B in the past = win.
• Power dynamics & how people navigate them.
• Dark fic & Angst
• AUs that veer off of canon – I love that stuff. Like what if X had happened instead of Y. LOVE.
• Character growth & understanding characters’ motivations/backstory. I die for this when it’s done well.


1. Orange is the New Black (TV): Brook Soso, Poussey Washington

God the way they built this relationship was so incredibly sweet.  I would like to see what happens after they floated together in the lake.  Where does it go from here?  Do they find love?  Do they just have a special bond?  Like... tell me more, please.

2. Sense8 (TV): Riley Blue, Yrsa (Sense8), Will Gorski, Jonas Maliki

Riley is my favorite Sensate. I find her backstory fascinating and I want to know more about this curse Riley believed she had, why Yrsa thought she had to put it on her, why Yrsa hates Jonas, and what that means for Riley and Will going forward.

3. How to Get Away With Murder (TV): Annalise Keating, Eve Rothlow

Okay, when this season premiered, I was like... they aren't actually going to do this, are they? Like... this can't be happening... CAN IT? And I thought this was going to be my crack ship. AND THEN, AND THEN, they were making out.

So, anyway. Please give me Annalise and Eve through the years. How they met, how it fell apart, how they feel about each other now. What happens now that Annalise has been shot? Did Eve shoot her? Like... just, anything with Annalise and Eve going at it both in the court room and between their expensive sheets, I AM HERE FOR THIS.

So, yeah. These are just some ideas, and they are not meant to limit you at all. If you come up with something you want to explore with any of these characters, or have always had this ONE GREAT IDEA that you’ve been looking forward to trying, feel free to let the muse go where it will. I’m sure I will enjoy the ride and whatever you come up with.

If you’re into stalking, I am thewildertype on tumblr and hauntedd on Ao3 and every other fic repository I’ve used over the years.

Again, thanks & I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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