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Dear Every Woman Writer 
12th-May-2015 10:46 am
Dear Writer:

Hi! I am so excited for this exchange and I hope you are too. Female characters are sort-of my lifeblood and what makes me consume media and participate in these sorts of things. So a whole exchange dedicated to female characters? Be still my heart. I’m also going to preface this upfront and say that this is my first time participating in an “or” challenge, so I hope that I’m doing it right. If not, just have someone shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be sure to correct it!

You may know me as 1/2 of the duo that runs Misses Clause as part of Yuletide every year. Or the chick who used to write a whole lot of unconventional Roswell fic and has suddenly decided to write a bunch of Orphan Black fic. Or you, most likely, don’t know me at all. :)

So to help you out, here are some general likes and dislikes. We’ll start with the dislikes first this go-around. Bad news first and all of that.

• Second Person POV (I’m also not too keen on First Person, but it depends on the situation. Second Person is a deal breaker).
• Non-canon AUs (so the coffee shops, the book stores, the high school/college AUs—I just can’t get into them!)
• PWP and/or Fluff (totally fine with either as part of a story, but I don’t want either as a standalone. Like happy ending after a struggle to get there? Awesome.)
• Infidelity – I have a really big issue with infidelity that’s developed over the last few years, so I’d rather you stay away from it. If you really feel the need to go that route, I am fine with it in certain situations, but not in others—so, yeah, run it by the mods, I guess?
• Crossovers – I am so specific in my media that I *probably* haven’t seen what you’re crossing. For example, I went to SDCC one year and was officially recognized by staff working an event as “the one person here who hasn’t seen the Avengers.” It’s been a few years and I… still haven’t seen it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to what I like!

• Three dimensional & complicated female characters (duh).
• Moral ambiguity that’s explored and fleshed out. Making the tough choices. The idea that no one is good or evil (except for Project Castor. Those fuckers can all die. ahem.)
• Complicated and messy familial, friend, or sexual relationships. While I don’t like infidelity, I do like trust issues in other contexts. A & B forced to work together despite hating each other/A burning B in the past = win.
• Power dynamics & how people navigate them.
• Dark fic & Angst
• AUs that veer off of canon – I love that stuff. Like what if X had happened instead of Y. LOVE.
• Character growth & understanding characters’ motivations/backstory. I die for this when it’s done well.


1. Empire (TV): Cookie Lyon, Rhonda Lyon, Anika Calhoun

I love Empire and I really resisted it because it seemed almost TOO BIG, TOO FAST and also—Terrance “Baby Wipes” Howard. But I started watching after a couple episodes had aired and oh my god. I love Empire. Especially, the women of Empire, who, other than Cookie are a bit unsung, although they have their moments.

What I would like:

If you’re up to all 3: Cookie, Rhonda & Anika working together now that Lucious is in jail to solidify Empire’s future. I really like the idea of all three of them (reluctantly) working together.

Cookie & Rhonda: I want to see them bond in the aftermath of Dre’s episodes, or over the new baby, or over the dead body. You’ve seen Cookie involve herself with both of her other sons’ partners, but not Rhonda. So, that would be totally awesome to see.

Anika & Cookie: Something where they put aside their differences? Something where Cookie takes Boo Boo Kitty to task for her involvement with Keem? More gamesmanship? Really, I just love the two of them together and on opposite sides, so I give you free reign here.

Anika & Rhonda: Something that examines where they bond over being involved with the Lyons but not being “Lyons” themselves (except, in Rhonda’s case, by marriage). I think they have a lot of similarities so that’d be fun.

If you want to do just one of them: Backstory. Backstory. Backstory. Or Character Development. Character Development. Character Development. GIVE ME IT. I am so greedy for this. GIVE ME IT.

2. The 100 (TV): Octavia Blake

Ah, the 100. Badly explained Sci-Fi, drilling people for bone marrow until they drop dead instead of harvesting them over time, matriarchal societies, foe!yay lady lovin’, really attractive men, and Octavia Blake—what’s not to love? In terms of Octavia, what I really like about her is that she’s strong and willful and she doesn’t back down while holding to her own moral compass. She doesn’t agree with Clarke or Bellamy. She holds to her own standards while also wanting desperately to belong somewhere, anywhere, and that’s just so interesting to me as I watch the show.

What I would like:

Octavia backstory. We know she lived under the floorboards for most of her life. But not a lot of it from Octavia’s POV—it’s mostly framed in reference to fleshing out Bellamy. That’s… annoying to say the least. So give me more of her story. The night she escaped captivity! Her time in solitary! Life under the floorboards. What makes Octavia, Octavia?

Octavia finally defining where she fits in the world. She’s not really a Sky Person when she’d been subjected to so much by virtue of being born. However, she’s clearly not Trikru either, given how quickly Indra took that designation away from her when she defied her new Kru’s orders to save her brother. So who is she? Where does she fit? You can totally weave Lincoln into this, and I am totally here for Linctavia, but I want this to be more about Octavia and her journey.

3. Orphan Black (TV): Siobhan Saddler

Orphan Black is so special to me. This is especially the first two seasons, when Castor didn’t exist and everything was beautiful. I usually don’t fall in love with the protagonist, because the protagonist is usually portrayed as a conventional hero, and I am more into the ladies with issues. However, Orphan Black features Sarah Manning, who is reckless & vulnerable, emotional & cold, and has a very genuine heart but has been put into circumstances where she’s built up a persona and walls that keep most of the world out, in a sort of reject them before they reject me mindset. But I think what I love as much as Sarah is Siobhan.

Siobhan Saddler is the woman who raised Sarah. She makes the difficult decisions for her family. She keeps secrets because she feels she has to and can’t trust her family to understand her motives. And it’s caused a rift between her and her kid, while also essentially raising a mini-me. I love her, even when she frustrates me.

What I would like:

Siobhan Saddler backstory: Who is she outside of “the mom”? Why did she run guns back in Ireland/England? Like what was life like with John Saddler? She loved him, clearly, but give me their life together!

Siobhan earning back Sarah’s trust: God the moment where Sarah calls Siobhan “mum” destroyed me. And then S tells her what she’d done and it’s gone. Like, my poor babies and their complicated relationship. And when S cries to Felix about maybe never getting Sarah to forgive her, and that she’s lost her for good, omg this is my heart, and it’s broken.

Anyway, these are just some ideas, and they are not meant to limit you at all. If you come up with something you want to explore with any of these characters, or have always had this ONE GREAT IDEA that you’ve been looking forward to trying, feel free to let the muse go where it will. I’m sure I will enjoy the ride and whatever you come up with.

If you’re into stalking, I am thewildertype on tumblr and hauntedd on Ao3 and every other fic repository I’ve used over the years.

Again, thanks & I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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