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Yes, I'm guilty of this, you should know this.
Dear Primetime Player 
25th-Apr-2015 01:02 pm

This is my first time participating in Not for Primetime and I'm really excited about it and hope that you are equally pleased that we were matched. I know there are some specific prompts, but if you come up with something different, it's totally awesome and probably will be something I hadn't even considered!

General Likes:
* Third person POV
* Angst & Dark fic
* AUs that veer off of canon (so instead of, say, Harry Potter being sorted as a Gryffindor, he's a Slytherin or something, while keeping the rest of the story canon-based -- totally love those kinds of AUs)
* Moral ambiguity
* Power dynamics & how people navigate them
* Complicated and messy relationships (Mrs. S & Sarah's relationship is AMAZING)
* Female characters that are well developed and 3-dimensional

General Dislikes
* Second Person POV (I also don't really care for 1st person)
* Fluff
* AUs that completely ignore canon (I really couldn't care less about coffee shops or libraries or whatever)
* A/B/O
* Infidelity
* Incest (or clone-cest)
* Crossovers
* Gender-swap
* Futanari (I really don't want any variation of G!P)
* MPreg
* Issue Fic

The 100
Request: Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Indra, Octavia

Okay so, my favorite character is probably Octavia, and my favorite ship is absolutely Clexa. I don't want Bellarke at all, which is why he's not on my list. I don't mind them working together, or being friends, but nope. Nope. Nope. Clexa4lyfe.

My favorite storyline so far has got to be the Mountain Men. Like just the casual way that they have drained the blood of so many Grounders, made Reapers, and then decided to either force the 100 to breed into their society, and then later, drain them of their bone marrow by drill. So, here are some ideas:

* Octavia & Clarke still go into the mountain to rescue the rest of the SkaiKru but ummm it doesn't go as well for them as it did on the show. Maybe some of them still live, but, I just want to see what a bad ending to that storyline might have been like. And how Lexa & Indra handle it. (And Lincoln, if you're up for it.)

* Indra and her conflicting feelings on Octavia. Like, I love the way that Indra is written and how she manages her love for her people and her village and also the pseudo-mother figure she's become to O.

* Clarke is somehow manipulated (via the Red or some other means) to turn against the Grounders, specifically Lexa. So, how does that play out?

A Song of Ice and Fire

Arianne Martell

I LOVE ARIANNE MARTELL AND I AM RIPSHIT THAT SHE IS NOT IN THE SHOW. And there is like very little fic about her to calm my rage. So, I leave it to you! I'm totally open to whatever with my bae, Arianne. Maybe something where she finds the letter from Willas and marries him instead? Maybe something where she acts against Doran and makes more of her own moves to secure her Dornish rights of inheritance? Elaborate on her complicated relationship and general distrust of her brother?

Maybe she actually does meet Viserys and tames the Dragon and they reign over Westeros?

Or something where Arianne gets brought into the main plots? Goes to the Eyrie and is the one to suss out Sansa Stark? Decides to seduce Dany herself?

Just give me Arianne Martell please.

Orphan Black

Delphine, Sarah.

I should sort of preface this request and mention that while I am requesting Delphine, I fucking hate Delphine. I haven't trusted her from the beginning, I don't like the way that she straight up ignores Cosima's wishes, and that she is shady as fuck. What I do at least find interesting about Delphine is her darkish and her villain potential. When she stuck her finger in Rachel's eye socket, I was both vindicated and totally on board. LET HER BE THE ENEMY PLS.

So. What I'm asking you to do is to give me Evil Delphine, please. Especially in a way that impacts Sarah. We've already started to see her act against Sarah's motivations, in that she forced Sarah to play Rachel, let Alison get felt up by Ferdinand while Sarah watched, and "promises" to help find Helena, but we all know she's lying.

Sarah does not trust Delphine, she doesn't want Cosima near Delphine ("have you talked to your girlfriend yet" wasn't shippy, it was accusatory), and I think they're going to be adversaries going forward. So. That's what I would like, please.

I also totally understand that this is a bit weird for someone to ask, so if evil Delphine doesn't interest you, anything that features Sarah Manning & her backstory/relationships with the clones is totally fine. In terms of shipping, I ship Sarah with Cal and Paul equally, but I do not like clonecest. I also do not ship Sarah and Delphine, unless it's Sarah pushing Delphine over a cliff.

Oh and this is important. I HATE PROJECT CASTOR. Like I hate Delphine, but I can deal, but no fucking Castor bullshit please, unless it's the fall out from them all being dead. The only exception to this is Big Dick Paul.

For whatever it's worth I am on tumblr as thewildertype and ao3 as hauntedd. Thank you again for writing for me! I'm excited to see what you come up with.
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